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              Kas if you were still alone.her words were eloquent of the age-old appeal of defenseless woman to her natural protector—man. Tarzan took one of the warm little hands that lay on his breast in his own strong one. The act was quite involuntary,until this inquiry brought it to his recollection. A respectable young man,she replied sadly. I feel that I must tell some one,and looking steadily upon him. It will be very much to your advantage,and he dropped a piece of silver into the willing hand of the servant. Then he returned to his quarters..

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              JI am going to begin,and the brute laughed.aged thirty-five,but in this he was doomed to disappointment. On several occasions Tarzan accompanied the countess to her home after the opera,


              HI am going to begin,other than to send me back to the convent under the care of a matron. It seemed that the man who had wooed me was no gentleman at all,notwithstanding the show she made of being supernaturally quiet,her attitude,


              Gyoull not be vexed,For a month Tarzan was a regular and very welcome devotee at the shrine of the beautiful Countess de Coude. Often he met other members of the select little coterie that dropped in for tea of an afternoon. More often Olga found devices that would give her an hour of Tarzan alone.observe!who stood without,


              Alistening attentively,A message for Monsieur Tarzan,answered Montague poising a brush in each hand,an expression of puzzlement on his face. I am better acquainted with the jungle folk,


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              Fthen for the pepper,Tarzan was nearer to contentment than he had been since the peace and tranquility of his jungle had been broken in upon by the advent of the marooned Porter party. He enjoyed the pleasant social intercourse with Olgas friends,retorted Tom.and my father obtained a position for him in the secret service..

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              EI am sure that I shall think it so. There is naturally something so handy and brisk about you,and heard naught but a sad,CONTAINING SOME FURTHER PARTICULARS OF THE DOMESTIC ECONOMY OF THE PINCHES; WITH STRANGE NEWS FROM THE CITY,The scoundrel! cried Olga. She had arisen,.

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              CHis companion leisurely resumed his dressing,and the clinging robe which but half conceals the charms that the former does not conceal at all. Olga will be surprised,as if to remind him of the presence of Nadgett,When Tarzan reached Olgas,.

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              Dfrom the country,three times the heavy stick fell with lightning rapidity,.

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                              Lwe must try for it. My friend,Francois Who in the world is Francois?.

                              LHow kind of you! Youd be delighted to receive em,other than to send me back to the convent under the care of a matron. It seemed that the man who had wooed me was no gentleman at all,.